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biographical profile

Glass with the characteristic of transparent, hard and brittle, solid and liquid,
is an extremely creative medium. The potentialities of glass as a media for creation
are inexhaustible. To create an artwork in glass is a real challenge. Since
'love at first touch' with glass blowing in 2003, Ruby persisted in the study of glass.

Ruby received her education and training in glass in England, where she studied
many aspects of glassmaking. She obtained a Master of Arts in Glass with distinction
from University of Sunderland, UK in 2007. Ruby has enjoyed initial success in
various group exhibitions. Her work has been exhibited in England, Italy, Germany and USA.
Her work was published in The New Glass Review 29 by The Corning Museum of Glass.

Ruby wants to develop a creative dialogue with the material and to discover
new perspectives for thinking through its potential.

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